Ina Dykstra has been teaching privately for over 35 years and is an experienced accompanist, performer, clinician, examiner and adjudicator. She now resides in Victoria and is presently accepting a limited number of new students.

She received her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at the University of Alberta, where she studied under Dr. Ernesto Lejano and Dr. Helmut Brauss.  She also went on to complete Graduate Degree courses in Art Song, Accompaniment, Chamber Music and Solo Performance under the tutelage of Isobel Rolston and Dr. Alexadra Munn.

     Ms. Dykstra  also holds a degree in Music Therapy from Capilano College in Vancouver, and has worked with a wide variety of students of all ages and all abilities, from the very gifted to those with various special needs. In addition, Ina has studied at the Banff School of Fine Arts (Chamber Music) and worked for the Yamaha School of Music. Ina has been a longtime member and clinician for the Alberta Registered Music Teachers Ass. (ARMTA) and is presently a member of the British Columbia Registered Music Teeacher’s Association (BCRMTA). She is also presently in training to become a member of the College of Examiners for the Royal Conservatory of Music.

In May 2014 Ina was nominated for an Excellence in Teaching Award for the City of St. Albert’s Celebration of the Arts.


Kerry Wheler

Yellowknife Music Festival

"We were very fortunate to have Ina Dykstra as our piano adjudicator for our music festival.  She interacted with student of all ages and abilities with such care, fostering open, constructive learning opportunities. 

In working with each student for just 5 minutes, she was able to identify specific issues and offer advice on technique, phrasing, voicing, or dynamics.  As a teacher, I enjoyed watching how her guidance allowed students to reach a new level of artistic expression." 

Maryan Threndyle

Festival Coordinator

St. Albert Rotary Music Festival

“BRAVISSIMO! Ina for your dedication & commitment to the St Albert Rotary Music Festival through the years.  You and your students raised the bar with top notch performances that were often recommended to provincials.  A trend setter with concerti, you were a role model for other teachers, continuing to research and perform student concerti at all levels. 

Your advice on developing our scholarship program has been a real asset in nurturing the talent in our community.”

Caroline Bargen

Parent and Adult Student

“It was 33 years since I'd taken piano lessons and I didn't think I could do it, but Ina believed in me! Her encouragement and tireless support helped me succeed!

My daughter's piano lessons with Ina were an important stability in her growing up years. Ina always believed in her and encouraged her on to further excellence and bigger musical challenges, while drawing out personal expression of music from the heart. Ina's love and enjoyment of music was contagious. 

Piano lessons with Ina were opportunities to learn perseverance, diligence and excellence. Blended into all the hard work of learning, Ina exemplified the joy and fun of making music too! (Piano ensembles were a highlight.) Ina has been more than a teacher to my daughter; she's a friend and an encourager. Thank you Ina!!”

Heather Friedenthal


“Ina is a one of a kind teacher.  She genuinely cares for each student and works hard to personalize lessons and repertoire choices.  Her incredible abilities as a pianist and wonderful teaching skills are attributes which any student would be lucky to experience.”

Sara Kingma


"My parents always wanted us to have music lessons of some sort, and piano was the most “painless” in their eyes - but I gave them grief. I never practised what I was supposed to and I basically every day told them I hated it. That was, until I switched to lessons with Ina. It felt like I cried every lesson at first, but then it dawned on me: Music (and piano) was amazing! She showed me the beauty in music and helped me love the learning process. Her gentle, yet firm teaching and guidance is exactly why I’m now teaching music in a high school setting, teaching a handful of piano students, and just can’t imagine life without music. “

Roger Mellor


“My daughter went to Ina Dykstra two years ago at age 11, playing at RCM level 3 and feeling there must be more to playing piano. With Ina she found there was much more, and went on the magical journey of being one of the those lucky enough to be a student of hers.  My daughter saw the light, would

be looking forward to the next lesson and in only two years passed her RCM Level 7 Piano and intermediate rudiments with very high marks. More importantly she has a love for piano that will never die.

If there was a modern day Mozart out there I am sure he would send his kids to Ina for instruction, fun, duets, fun, theory, fun, and scales. If you get the chance to be an Ina student don't delay. If you think this is oversell, it is not. Try Ina and find out why she is not the rest, she is the best.”

Aileen Goebel


I don't think I need to tell you what an awesome teacher you are and how lucky your future students will be.

Thank you for being an inspiration for Matthew to continue to this level and get his music credit for high school...not sure if he would have continued without your support and inspiration. I'm sure he will continue playing piano and music will always be a part of his life.”

Kasia Seddon

Parent and Student

My children and I have studied piano with Ina Dykstra for the past 13 years. She is an excellent teacher who has a passion for music and teaching. She is respectful, knowledgable and holds a high expectation of excellence.  

We have done theory, technique, performance, festivals and exams with Ina and have succeeded  at all.  I can't recommend Ina Dykstra highly enough as a teacher, artist and person.”

Lana Kostyniuk


“Ina is the kind of person that cannot remain just a teacher; she becomes a friend. Thank you, Ina, for the kindness and love you showed to all of us.

You brought out the best in my kids, and encouraged me tremendously! Your teaching is wonderful and challenging, but done in such a way that your students (I speak for my own kids) want to reach higher all the time. Your belief in them caused them to believe in themselves, and that is what makes a great teacher! Even my little violin player loved performing alongside you, and you were the one he practiced hardest for, though he had a different teacher!”

Vince Strand


It's been a real pleasure working with you and also sending my daughter over for lessons.  With your instruction you've somehow been able to help hone a skill set within my daughter that I thought would take a lot longer and with more resistance.  But, she has come through many challenges and is now equipped with the results of your efforts to help her realize what she has and to create a solid foundation for future considerations.”

Calvin Wong

Adult Student

“I took lessons with Ina coming back to piano as an adult student. She was very patient with me in spite of my busy work schedule and newborn son. She helped focus my technique and develop ways to work on my piano tone so that I could eventually complete a long neglected goal of my Grade 9 RCM piano exam. A wonderful, caring person and skilled teacher.”

Marni Pearce


My children who are now 18 and 16 began taking lessons from Ina when they were 6 and 4. As an educator and teacher-educator I found myself constantly amazed by Ina's depth and breadth of not only content, but child development and learning styles. She has the ability to adapt lessons as needed, to motivate and inspire and to create a lasting bond - not only with her students but their entire families. Her passion is contagious - but more importantly is her deep respect for the children and youth she teaches. She will be deeply missed in our lives but we will remain forever grateful for the legacy she has left with our family.”

Jack and Marnie Dykstra


We have been extremely fortunate to have Ina as our piano teacher for our three children over the last 11 years.  They have all become accomplished pianists and have had the benefit of acquiring all the skills that learning to play the piano provides:  work ethic, practice, perseverance, discipline, commitment, dedication, technique, self-discovery, performing, and most of all, a way to express their love of music.  

Ina's academic credentials, talent, experience, and teaching skills are impressive, but what really distinguishes Ina as an elite teacher is how openly she shares her passion for music with her students.  There is a spiritual connection and relationship between Ina and each of her students, with music as the medium.  Music is not just a job for Ina, it is a way of life!  St. Albert has lost one of its greatest teachers and a cornerstone of the community.”



Jamie Syer

Former Dean

Victoria Conservatory of Music

“Ina is a wonderful performer and piano teacher, and she brings her warm and energetic personality to everything she does.”

Jenie Thai

Singer/Songwriter/Performing Artist

I took piano lessons with Ina throughout my entire junior high and high school years. It's hard to relay exactly what I received through lessons with her because it exceeded developing only piano skills. Ina was more than a teacher to me; she was a mentor, a believer, and a friend. Today, I am a full time musician, and I am endlessly in debt to the time I spent with Ina. Ina invested her heart and time to get to know who I am as an individual as well as be sure to see me through my musical desires. She consistently challenged me and helped me develop the technique I have today (NOW I can thank you for that haha! :D). Furthermore, Ina went above and beyond her paid hour by attending my festival performances, talking with me on the phone when I may have had anxiety about an upcoming performance or post an exam, spent time with me during summer music camps and workshops etc. 

I also witnessed the heart she poured into her other students when I heard them play at our recitals. Every musician always played with individuality and it shone through the music.

Ina, you really have been a mentor in my life. You've shaped the way I play and have a definite hand in the fact that I play music constantly. You nurtured my growth as a player but also gave me confidence to follow my dreams - which I get to live out every day!!

Thank you for all your heart and investment Ina. Truly. I think about you a lot, and you have most definitely impacted my life in the most positive of ways. I will always love you! I miss you.

Katianne Bargen


“There's just too much to say, and sometimes words just do not express how valuable you are to me! You have not only been an amazing teacher, and given me so much invaluable musical guidance, but you're also a great friend, and have been so understanding of everything that has gone on in the past few years. And whenever I was a little too stubborn, you stood up to me and made sure that I did what I was told. Whoever has you has their teacher will be very lucky, but I wish I could be that lucky person for just one more year...”

Martin Balog BPe, BEd


My son and I have had the pleasure of knowing Ina for 2 years. Ina was my son's piano teacher during that time. My son has autism, but despite his disability, loves piano and plays very well. Ina was instrumental in developing his abilities, and working around his disability.

In every lesson I saw my son develop and enjoy his experience, as Ina guided him in theory and practical understanding of music. Her abilities as a musical therapist and general music teacher are the best I have seen. She is able to keep kids focused while making the practice a fun experience.

My son was always looking forward to lessons and was super engaged while in the lesson. Ina also allowed each student to shine by having a couple recitals a year where students got to feel professional while performing. Those are memorable events my family will cherish forever. Anyone who is lucky enough to receive Ina will certainly be the better for it.

Mike and Minn Wagener


“Our son Cody is a special needs child who suffered a severe brain injury at birth. At the age of seven, we sought out music as a way of bringing out Cody's potential and to discover new interests including the joy of music. Ina Dykstra came recommended as not only a piano artist of the highest quality but a teacher who could cater her instructional style to suit our son's unique needs. Ina taught Cody for the past eight years and her ability to guide him and bring out his love of music is inspiring.

Cody has accomplished more in his young life already than we could have ever imagined. His growing love of music and piano in particular has been the key to his growth and development. Ina Dykstra's years of guidance and freely sharing of her passion for music has been instrumental in this.  We would recommend Ina Dykstra as a pianist and musician of the highest quality but most importantly as a extremely gifted and caring teacher.”

Tracy Minaker


“My family has been blessed to have known Ina in the capacity of a piano teacher for 8 years. Ina is an accomplished pianist with a love and passion for teaching. Her dedication and commitment to her students is unparalleled. She has a way of reaching her students which instills within them a love a music and a desire to do their best.  

Ina is consistent and always encouraging her students to excel. When one of my daughters first started, Ina commented on the talent she had but that she needed help with her technique. She worked diligently with my daughter so that she learned not only how to play, but how to play properly.

One of my greatest joys has been watching Ina play duets and two piano compositions with my girls. Her enthusiasm and love not only for the music, but for her students, is evident when she plays and in the giant smile which forms when they are finished. Her quality as a teacher is evident in the success of her students. Her love for her students is evident in the tears which were shed, by teacher and students, when she announced she was moving. My daughters will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have called Ina not only their piano teacher, but their friend.”

Sean Doherty


Ina Dykstra has been a genuine mentor for me since I began piano with her at age 8. I owe so much for what she has taught me about discipline, technique, attention to fine detail - and most of all, passion and excellence. Without her, I would not have won awards at the provincial level for both piano performance and composition.”

Terry Janzen


“Thank you Ina for being an inspiration and wonderful mentor to our children!  You have given so much of yourself to my family.  You have worked with the kids not just as a music educator but as a life educator.  Your focus was not just on the child's abilities on the piano, but on the child as a whole, something only found in the best kind of teacher; something that is not easy to find.  You have an ease about you that is so genuine and honest.  I am truly appreciative of your wisdom, kindness, guidance and generosity.  Thank you thank you thank you!”

Photography by Windmill Photos

“An Inspirational Teacher”

Ina has a deep commitment to furthering musical education, creativity, and artistry