WELCOME!  Here’s to a year of fantastic music-making!

FEES:  There will be a non-refundable $20 registration fee per student, payable at registration, to a maximum of $50 per family.

Lesson fees are as follows:

One hour lesson:  $200.00/month

45 minute lesson: $150.00/month

Half hour lesson:   $100.00/month

This is a FLAT RATE per month, based on 34 lessons in the year, and has no bearing on how many weeks there are in a given month.  Payment is expected in advance in the form of post-dated cheques from September to June.  You may also choose to pay three, six, or twelve months at a time.  This fee also includes any group classes I might have as well as two scheduled recitals in the year.


I am of the belief that piano lessons can ONLY be successful if the student is practicing a minimum of 5 – 7 times per week in a focused and guided manner.  I would expect older students to have a good grasp of this, and the need for committed practice is reviewed regularly with ALL students, along with age-appropriate expectations.

Having a regular, uninterrupted time for practice is quite essential, and yields maximum results for your considerable investment.  MY job is to be inspiring, enthusiastic, and to choose repertoire to strengthen skills.  The student’s job is to take it from there, and be as prepared and enthusiastic at lessons as they can be!

There are really only TWO main “requirements” in my studio:

#1 Students must really want to be there and must be willing to learn.

#2 Students have to practice. An important part of my work is teaching my students how to use practice time effectively no matter what age or what level they are.

After that, the sky’s the limit!

****Please note**** I have a rule about cell phones in the studio.  Students have generally been very good about making sure they are out of the way.  My rule is that any parent attending their child’s lesson NOT be preoccupied with cell phone while they are in the studio where the lesson is taking place.  This completely changes the energy in the room.  I would ask that should you want to be at the lesson, you be present for your child.  If you want to be on your cell phone, you will have to remove yourself from the studio. 


Successful music lessons are dependent on regular weekly attendance, and it is expected that the piano time that we agree on is “your” time, and that it will take precedence over other activities you may be involved in.  In the event of cancellations FOR ANY REASON, it is almost impossible for me to reschedule lessons.  I cannot work around the sports, dance/other recitals, jobs, family reunions, trips, dances, parties, school field trips and other events/commitments of all the people I teach in any given week.  However, for legitimate and extenuating circumstances, I will try my best to accommodate you.  This is entirely at my discretion and dependent on my schedule.  The weeks I am away adjudicating or examining will be part of what I consider to be the regular schedule.  You will get lots of advance notice about when I will be away.  If I have to cancel a lesson beyond the regular schedule, I will make it up or reimburse you for that lesson.

Commitment to lessons in my studio is assumed to be for the entire 10 months, and I would need at least one month’s notice for students who feel they cannot commit for the whole year in extenuating circumstances.  So if you terminate your lessons in December, for example, I would take January’s fees.



Looking forward to having an amazing class of students in beautiful Victoria.  I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have a job that I love so much. 

  Please don’t hesitate to contact me about any concerns or questions.

E-mail:  inadykstra@gmail.com

Cel: (778) 678-1223